THE COMPANY (history highlights) - O.m.c. Officine Meccaniche Colombo S.r.l.

The company was founded in 2001 by a small group of professionals headed by Corrado Colombo and has always worked in the field of precision machining, initially in the plastic field, in particular in the production of pipe with helical reinforcing web for flexible tubes, gradually getting specialized in the creation of aeronautical equipment and parts.

The subsequent steady growth brings in 2009 the realization of an additional manufacturing site large about 1000 square meters and the purchase of new machinery and equipment, including control tools and measuring instruments, expanding the range of products . In this period started the production of high precision aeronautical/aircraft pieces . OMC is now specialized in the production of aircfraft’s maintenance and control equipments, used both for pre-flight activities and for periodic inspections.

Another field of our business is the creation of tools made to perform static and dynamic structural tests . Manufacturing includes also samples able to perform technological tests and to create high precision mechanical pieces.

The objectives of O.M.C. are the continuous improvement and technological upgrading.